The Team


Paul is co-owner and has been involved in the rare coin and collectibles markets for over 30 years working with some of the largest companies throughout the country.

Paul has worked in all aspects of the collectibles markets from dealer to dealer transactions, retail phone sales, estate acquisitions, portfolio building with gold, silver and other precious metals as well as building investment quality collections of rare coins for his clients. His knowledge of the coin and collectibles markets is vast and he intends to provide that information to those interested in being better educated in order to make the right decisions for acquiring the best possible quality coins or collectibles for their collection or portfolio.

Paul was grading coins before PCGS and NGC were introduced to the market and has an eye for quality and eye appeal so you can rest assured that he will offer only the finest quality to his customers

He has a passion for photography, especially nature related as well as hiking in the mountains. His recent move from Texas to Colorado has fed that desire even more!


Shaunda is co-owner of A Coin Shop and brings decades of experience in sales and business management with her. Since she began her numismatic career she has been a regular attendee at virtually every major coin show for nearly a decade . She is  a nationally recognized auctioneer and is in demand from collectible auction firms to many charity fund raising events across the country. Shaunda is also an avid singer and can often be found singing  karaoke on a regular basis.